Deep dynasty this or that

For a long shot at running back in dynasty would you rather have Eno Benjamin, Damien Harris or Bryce Love?

I’d keep: Harris, Eno, Love.

Harris didn’t do anything last year. Has the chance to become a starter this year with a fragile Sony in front of him. On a team which doesn’t have a proven QB, the RB will be a crutch for them.

I ranked Eno next because he’s only 3rd in line to see the field. If either Drake or Edmonds gets injuries this year Eno gets to see the field. He might even see the field with those guys healthy! He slipped in the draft so the draft capital isn’t there, but like I said there’s a clear path to him being relevant.

As for Love, I’m staying away. That backfield just got more crowded after the draft and I’m just not about it. Where does he stand with the coaches? Where is he on the depth chart? Who knows… his first year was spent on the PUP list so we didn’t even get to see him. I’ll take the other two before Love any day.

I’m personally favoring Eno from that group. He was electric at Arizona State and he landed in the perfect offense for him with the Cardinals. I’m assuming he’s going to win the backup job to Drake for this season, and Drake hasn’t been extended yet so there’s a possibility that Eno impresses this year and they end up sticking with him in the future. He has the easiest path to success in my mind. After that its Harris then Love.