Deep Flex Question - Any answers get playoff luck sent your way!

Hey all!

I’m in a league with 3 flex spots, one of them has Aaron Jones so he is in, my other two are up in the air. Right now I have Bruce Ellington and Dede Westbrook in there but not super certain on it.

My other options are Funchess, D. Parker, D. Henry, M. Gallup, R. Burkhead.

Anyone have any thoughts? Big week coming up! Thanks!

Assuming its PPR, I switch out Westbrook for Gallup. Gallup has seen a nice increase in targets since Cooper joined the team and he just missed out on a massive TD last week; so, I go Elllington and Gallup if its PPR

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I had that thought too, seems a bit risky but Westbrook hasn’t done much. Thanks for the reply!

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I agree with Gallup. Now that theres more than 1 viable passing target in dallas it opens up the opprotunities for him.
I had a thread going that concerned golladay, and a user commneted a few drive play by plays that showed detroit is going more run heavy than they should be in a lot of situations. This gives me pause on ellington. Funchess has moved down the bench somewhat on the vertical depth chart. Without olsen maybe he absorbs his red-zone looks. I don’t like either of the running backs here.

So basically Gallup for sure. Beyond that i wouldn’t be able to give reliable information

True, I wish I could trust Funchess more, maybe he is the smart play. Mostly for Ellington, he’s gotten 26 targets the last 3 games and Patrick Peterson should be shadowing Golladay. Now Ellington hasn’t done jack with those targets but he seems to have a decent floor.

Yeah, right now about 60/40 that i will play sutton over golladay based on that fact.

And yes, while ellington should have easier coverage, like you say he needs to produce.
Funchess is a literal td or bust, but he got his TDs when olsen was out.
However Carolina is the CMC show, so its even harder to bank on the short red-zone passes with greg on the shelf.
Is there anyone on waivers that seems worth chasing? Callaway? Reynolds?

Unfortunately not, this is a dynasty league with 25 guys on a roster, so unless I get crazy lucky and Jeff Wilson Jr doesn’t get claimed by anyone else, these are my best options.

Luckily my roster is
Cam Newton
D. Adams
D. Hopkins
E. Elliott
L. Fournette
G. Kittle
A. Jones
and then whoever I decide for the last two flex spots.

I wouldn’t claim him anyway. 49ers are going to be down early and big.
I guess I go Gallup and ellington/funchess.
Basically it boils down to personal preference. Do you like volume which could translate into big yards? or bank on a td.
Ellington is the 1st one. funchess the 2nd

True but they were early and big last game. He had 8 catches and 15 carries and now Breida is out. We will see!