Deep League RBs. HELP! :)

I have Foreman now as a handcuff if Miller goes down.

I think McKinnon is talented and could take snaps from Latavius in MN.

My RBs are Buck Allen, Derrick Henry, Andre Ellington, Alfred Morris, & Foreman. I’m hurtin.

Would you guys rather have Foreman or McKinnon?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’d take foreman he’s a better rb. McKinnon hasn’t done anything for the Vikings and Murray leg isn’t 100% so I doubt either one of them produce anywhere close to cook

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And it might sound like a long shot but with mariota out the titans will rely on the run so I’m guessing Murray and Henry will get a lot of touches but It would be a reach and tough to do I also have Allen and Henry so I’m debating who to use at flex

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Thanks @tonavelli