Deep Stream Models - Week 6 (no article - just models)

Hi everyone,

I’ve had quite a few of you hit me up asking if I’ll be doing The Deep Stream posts I did weekly last year. Unfortunately, I am not planning to. I really enjoyed doing it and am glad so many folks found it useful, but this year I can’t take the time each week for something that is a hobby on top of a hobby. I do maintain a version of the models for my own use, but it’s making them presentable and useable that takes the most time, just posting them as-is wouldn’t be of much use to anyone. If things change and there is still a big demand for them later on, I may do the articles again in the future.

For now, since a few of you did reach out, I’ve gone ahead and prepped the models for Week 6 and included them below. I realize this is late with the games tomorrow, but I hope they can still be of some use. Questions or comments welcome.

Good luck everyone.

Deep Stream Projections - QBs

Deep Stream Projections - DSTs

Deep Stream Projections - TEs


Much appreciated, thanks again!

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