DEF for Week 15

I have the Titans but the Chiefs are on Waivers. Should I stick with Titans and take the chance they can stop Barkley at New York or go with the Chiefs at home vs the Chargers?

Pitt is also on waivers, just realized that. That would be the better of the teams right? since they are playing for playoffs?

If you are talking about week 16 kc plays Seattle and tenn plays Washington.
Pitt plays New Orleans so is stay away

Crap, I meant 15…not enough coffee this morning :frowning:

Haha. All Good my friend.

I’d still stay away from Pitt. Brady has killed them. If Pitt wins it’s in a shoot out.

If you wanna pick between kc and tenn I’d go tenn. kc and la will be a high scoring game. In tenn you only need to worry about Barkley which is scary but that’s the better odds.

Cool. Your thoughts with Graham or Thomas for TE this week? and Allen or Wentz?

Don’t trust graham at all. Thomas is a good one I was thinking my self. Cam is hurting and will have to use him like he has been

Allen will run on Detroit so he will get those points and Detroit offense has been bad so they may not score so Allen might not need to throw (good thing). I love wentz. I wanna see his blow up but the rams are great and philly just can get the offense going. But he could surprise this week. The need this win and the rams are in the playoffs. If I had to pick I’d go wentz cause he will need to score

Ever since Graham broke his thumb he kind of went downhill.

I was thinking about Wentz as well but the Rams D-line is so much stronger than the Eagles O-line, that is my only concern. I do like Allen at home and yes he should not pass, the Lions secondary is still not awful and the Bills Wideouts are kind of garbage, well maybe Foster might be the only decent one.

Well just read wentz maybe done for the year with a back. So he’s out. Lol. Sorry

Thankfully Mayfield just got dropped so there is my solution lol

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