Def on bye have to make room

I have Chicago dst on bye this week. Do I just drop Chicago and stream def or do I drop a play. My team is

QB Wilson

RB Melvin Gordon
Aaron Jones

WR Amari Cooper
Golden Tate
Emmanuel Sanders
Sammy Watkins
John Brown

TE Austin Hooper

Def Chicago

K Prater.

Was leaning powell if i have to drop someone. I’m stronger at RB but I hate dropping starting RBs because I know someone will pick him up quick. What do you all think would be the best move? Thanks for the help.

I’d drop Watkins imo. He’s been like the village bicycle in our league. No one has confidence starting him. Plus Injury I reckon he will be on waivers next week to pick up

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Watkins has name brand in my opinion and wont get back in my opinion and you actually might need him during a bye week. I would drop Powell too. Your top 5 are much better than Powell and honestly, would you actually start Powell over any of them?

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Keep the Bears D. They’re more valuable than Watkins or Boom/Bust Cooper. I dropped Russell Wilson to the waivers this week to keep the Bears. They’re an every week fixture to a lineup. If something happens to Cousins, I’ll just stream QBs. I’d personally drop Watkins for maybe the Bronco’s D if they’re still on your waiver.

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