Def playoff strategy

I have the Bears. Want to keep them for week 16. Want to pickup the lions for weeks 14&15 (Ari & Buff).

Do I preemptively drop KJ now, or wait until closer to playoffs? I never see him starting for me.

If he legit won’t ever start for you, sure. That’s still risky though with potential injury, and with Theo being injury prone this season, you could want to hold on to KJ. However, I’m also the Bears owner and am looking to pickup Detroit for week 14 when the Bears are going up against the Rams lol.

Or else just get that week 14 bye baby. Bears have a fine week 15 schedule (not as good as playing against Buff though lol)

Would you guys rather have the Viks? Seattle & Mia? They’re a lot better defense than Lions, should be playing for playoffs contention vs two teams that probably won’t be.