DEF streaming early season

Anyone see a better first couple weeks schedule for DEF than the Cowboys? Giants, redskins, and dolphins?

Seems like a good starting D to grab in drafts. Anyone see any others that are good opening schedule D’s?

I think Bills have potential as an early season option too. Possibly useful for first 3 games. @NYJ, @NYG, CIN.

I’d prefer Cowboys but Bills are one I’ll consider if they’re not available

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Ravens week 1 and 2 - Miami/Arizona.

Chiefs week 1 and 2 = Jacksonville/Oakland.

Patriots week 2-6 = Miami/NYJ/Buffalo/Washington/NYG

Eagles week 1 and 3 = Washington/Detroit
-both Eagles home games

So it seems quire a few early season stream options.

Pretty well laid out here @fun4willis . I’ve been targeting both Dallas and New England, and have been able to generally get either for streaming purposes.