Defence help

I drafted the Saints D but they play the newly revamped Buccaneers.

Should I play them or should I pivot and take one of the Broncos (have Derrick Henry on my roster), Bengals or Raiders.

Those are the top 3 on the waiver wire.

Thanks in advance!

Out of those three the Saints are looking like your best option.

Thank you for the reply! Yeah I’m torn as the Broncos make the most sense but it seems backwards to play against my starting RB.

Thanks for your help!

The only thing i fear with the broncos is that Henry has the tendency to just plow over defenses no matter how good they are. Up to you but i would choose the Saints personally

Playing a Def against one of you’re skilled positions is counter intuitive. However, look at TBB last year. Playing almost any Def against the Bucs led to interceptions. While at the same time you were always starting Winston and Godwin. It all comes down to how your league scoring works.

I’m riding with the Saints this week based on talent. Chose them over Detroit who is hard to trust and possibly missing their new CB, Jeff Okudah, in week 1.

Thank you. Yeah Henry is just too good and I don’t want to have the defence go against him.

Thank you for the advice. I think I’m going to just roll with the saints and hope they can contain Tampa. Henry is a wrecking ball and I don’t want him getting points hurting me.