Defence Rams

Dreaded Defence question but someone dropped the RAMS D

I am 2nd for waivers and the guy that dropped them is 1 so should get them.

Ours is once you use your back to the bottom or 10 in this case…

Currently have the 49 ERS

Wise to use on a D or just hold it.

Id hold it, the 49ers defens has a more than favorable week 1 match up.

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Thanks. Was thinking more Season Long but appreciate it.

Yeah you could drop them, but the niners have a really great defense too. I dont think there will be a big diffenrece between the 2 defenses at the end of the year

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I don’t think I’d use the 2nd waiver priority on a Defense, no. lol

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Yeah Maybe they don’t get claimed and I will switch them out.

Rams Bye isn’t until week 11. 49 ers week 6 so would have for a while

Better to hold the spot and wait for someone to get injured etc and use it then or grab the Rams.