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Defending Champ help! How we feeling about Howard tonight? Left him on the bench wk 3 and lost


Having a hard time with my best possible line up. Help a friend out! Trying to win back to back

10 team full ppr league
Qb- Wilson, Wentz
RBs- Howard, Hunt, Cook, Gillislee, Muscle hamster
WRs-Green, Evans, Diggs, Baldwin
TEs- Reed, Cook (you think I should just grab V. Davis off waivers to just swap out when Reed is down)
Def- Jax, Ari
K- Gostkowski

Help on the line up going against the only undefeated team so far:

D. Freeman
D. Thomas
L. Fitz
Car D


You certainly are off to a great start to repeate with the team you have, for me it’d go, Hunt, cook, then Howard (he’s also knicked up) then it becomes a toss up between diggs and Howard at the flex


Thank you! I got Cook on a trade for Garcon from a new person that joined the league. Got Howard in a trade for Rams D and D. Henry.

Your reply is the exact situation Im running into.


I mean I don’t want to say one definitely but I’ve been running with the three running backs 2 wr and that formula seems to produce wins for me so far this year


If people in your league make trades like that you should have no problem repeating…I’d lean towards Howard over Diggs for the fact that the only way Chi stays in this game is to control the clock. GB has a weak run D so they may focus on that.
And regardless of who you want to pick up, if it’s Davis or anyone else, drop your 2nd D. Absolutely no reason to carry 2.


Yea Ive never been successful in a trade in the league for 3 years and now this year I feel like I robbed everyone!!!