Defense opinions / slight brag

My main lineup is

C.Newton - M.Gordon - J.Conner - O.Beckham - And I just traded S.Michel for A.Collins.

I am standing @ 9-1 Holding 1st place.

Streaming D’s all season and picked up my defense’s for playoffs.

Baltimore weeks 11 (Cin) & 12 (Oak)
Week 13 Bye in the bag.
Bills week 14 (Semi Finals) NYJ @ home
Broncos week 15 (Championship) Cleveland @ home.

Does this defensive line up make sense?
I know the Bengals have Oak in week 15 and they are available on waivers, but thier record is not encouraging.

I have Cardinals, Bears and Broncos for ROS, but now I’m wondering about the Broncos being such a good bet in the final week 16 assuming we get there.
What if Baker feels dangerous again?!

Haha, we just have to watch Miller on Periscope. See if he thinks the Broncos are going to kick anyone’s “ass” again. I just don’t see another < available > team that I want to use if the Broncos are garbage.

Bears in Week 16 sounds great, maybe 15 depending on how Rodgers/ Jones have been doing.

That looks like a sound approach to me. I’ve got a similar team, record. My DSTs are Cards for this week then the Jags for next vs the Bills then i need to pivot, someone beat me to the Titans and I’ve got the Broncos stashed for the week 16 game against Oakland for our championship week.

What’s your guys’ view on the Jags closing schedule here they play Washington at home week 15 and Miami away week 16 for both my playoff games. Are they worth holding on after next week are they droppable?

If Washington does not improve what they are doing and the Jags continue to improve they would be awesome that week.
Broncos vs Oak is great.
What is your record? Are you only planning for weeks 14 - 16 or are you still playing on the waiver?

Yeah that’s my feeling on them that O line is so poor surley even the Jags this year will get after Smith?! Plus Washington wont be scoring a lot on them to boot.

I’m 8-2, just took a nice lead into the weekend thanks to Jones too. We don’t have bye weeks for playoffs so we have 4 teams in the championship 1st round is week 15 and final is week 16 and 4 other teams play in the consolation, 12 team league. I’d like to expand that next year to add bye, i’m going for the back to back.

So DST wise i have week 11, week 12 and week 15 & 16 covered. I need weeks 13 and 14 and the Titans where my set it and forget it for those and really could have used them into the playoffs too as they get the Giants week 15.

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In fairness i could use Denver weeks 13, 14 too as they get the Bengals and 49ers so should be able to get sacks and keep the game competitive those weeks

Ya I’m running with Denver 14-16…those 3 matchups are too good to pass up.

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