Defense pick

I picked up Carolina
But New England, Niners, Bengals are still on waiver wire? I haven’t got positive point from the position all year so I need the footclan

If Titans are on there, i’d take Titans.

Niners is fine as well.

The Def I listed are the only teams on the waiver I’m willing to play…no Tennessee tho I woke up early after my waivers cleared to try and pick them up without burning my priority and my buddy woke up about 20 minutes before I did and swooped them.

I was thinking 49ers D as well in my league, Cards and Jets both available right now as well. My every week D are the bears, but I added the Vikings in case they become that d they should be. Would you drop minny (vs phi this week) for any of the 9ers(vs ari) Cards(vs 9ers) Jets(vs den) this week?

I own bears as well. Paid like $5 for them after week 1 in every single league I play that uses a D (which is like 2).

I’m actually streaming Jets myself and someone dropped browns so I might go with them as well.

I would def drop vikings D though. Vikings even as an elite defense, have never been a great fantasy D. They are a much better real football D than fantasy. They don’t really get many sacks or turnovers/scores. They just hold opponents to short yardage. Aren’t really worth rostering IMO. Also not sure if you know this but for past 2 weeks, one of the big reasons why they suck is cause everson Griffen hasn’t been active. Sounds like he has early CTE symptoms and has been going crazy so team forced him to get checked in for mental eval. No timeline to return.

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Yeah I was thinking/hoping griffen would be back somewhat soon to help get things a bit fixed. Upcoming schedule isn’t bad either. But I was fine without em so i still will be. As a jets fan I just know never to trust them so I need to be talked into them haha

49ers is a fine play. Their run D is actually prety solid and given cardinals have no passing game and are tragically bad, 49ers won’t lose you the week.

And as much as you are disappointed as a jet fan, no one disappoints fans quite like Case keenum. Jet’s secondary is legit. Can’t do much against playing vs jax on the road but home game vs an average denver team is fine. Denver also loves to run the ball so you know they burn the clock / won’t be a shootout and keenum is a mortal lock for at least 1 int.

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Ever since I saw these tips for choosing a streaming DST, I’ve been happy with my choices.

  1. Favored to win
  2. At home
  3. A low scoring game

taking a look at the betting lines have definitely been beneficial.

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That’s pretty much what I do. That’s why 49ers is even a relevant option.

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I’d go with Carolina.