Defense priority? draft position?

I been in the same leaque for years, so im not sure if our scoring system is in line with most others which the advice for drafting is based on. Our defense start the game with 40 points in the bag, then based on
0 points allowed 40 points
1-6 points 35
7-13 30
14-20 20
21-27 10
28-34 0
35+ -10
Extra point returned 2
Sack .5
interception 1
fumble recovery 1
touchdown 6
safety 2
block kick 1
return yds 10 yards per point
kick off and punt touchdowns 6

my question is with this structure is picking a defense more important than based on the ballers normal suggestions of waiting to near the end or just streaming… our league in the past seems to draft defenses as early as the 8th or so.

No, it isn’t, largely because the overturn in the top defenses is so drastic and few are dependable weekly. I’d take the Chargers or Saints late and stream if needed.