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Defense Questions


I currently have Seattle D. Next week they have a bye week. Jags and Broncos D are both available. Which would I pick up and should I keep Seattle and roster 2 D’s and use the better matchup one every week? Also I’m 4 waiver. Should I use my waiver pick or wait until Wednesday morning at 430 am and then grab as a free agent?


Broncos defence are elite probably the best in the league overall now Texans have broken with injury. If take them. Depends If there s anyone you want in waivers and if your waivers resets each week. If it doesn’t then wait until the morning and try and get for free. Although if they’re on a bye you might be able to pick them up now if you have a player on the bench you were dropping anyways


No never roster 2 defenses. Pick up the Broncos they play Giants who lost all their players to injuries and already had their bye week.


So drop Seattle and go with Denver and ride them out the rest of the season?


Once you use it you go to the back of the line. The last 3 weeks I just haven’t put a claim in and when I wake up at 430am for work Wednesday morning just grab free agents. Was trying to save it for that one guy that you just can’t pass on although he may or may not come



What i said about picking them up now as they had a bye basically means you can use the waiver to pick up a normal player and drop the Seahawks defence as the waiver exchange. I hope that makes sense


No I always stream Defense so maybe get 2 more weeks from them then switch then try to get them back later for playoff schedule.
If you did want 2 defenses Cincinnati and Denver are 2 good ones to have, when Denver has bad cinci has good and reverse also.
Week 11- 16 you could use Denver the whole time


Alright I’ll do that. Cause I had clay go down as well and Parker this week.


Perfect. Appreciate the input. If I win tonight I’ll be 4-1 and the other 3 guys in my division will be 2-3. I’m up by 10 points and he has theilen going tonight. I’ll be in the driver seat. All this after losing DJ, Woodhead, Clay, Parker so I’m happy so far with my season.


Good luck! That’s pretty rough with injuries