Defense ROS - PIT, LAR, or BAL?

I typically stream a defense week-to-week, but have the opportunity to hold some higher quality defenses. Would you continue to stream or roll with any of PIT, LAR, or BAL ROS?

Pitt > bal >lar


Would love more input here :slight_smile:

If you had the roster space would you hold PIT and BAL just to play keep away from other teams?

Yes I would I’ve started to hold two good defenses looking st there schedule matchups to see where one May have a rough matchup the other can slot in to have a plus matchup - remember every advantage counts, if you have the space available that is obviously if there is a big name that’s out there where you would get more value you take that over the 2nd defense

Yeah cool, I think I have the space, barring any more injuries, to hold two DEF for now.

QB: Jackson, Stafford (b/c BAL is on bye)
RB: CMC, Fournette, Jacobs
WR: Hill, Cooper, Metcalf, Fuller, Green
TE: Waller, Walker
K: Gould

Ya you look solid - fuller may be a drop if he isn’t healthy in a few weeks, aj green you hope gets traded cincy even with him back is rough