Defense ros

He Footclan, Bonjour from Europe…
i am currently having the Rams Def, and this was pretty nice the last weeks, so I stopped streaming and kept them. they are facing Minesota, Eagles, Seattle and the Saints in the next weeks, so i am not sure what to do with them… keep them and roster another defense for the playoffs? And what def shoud i go after? Or drop them and start streaming again??

I am 8-1 so i am pretty save for the playoffs.

Thanks, Tom

If Baltimore is available (since they just had their bye) I’d grab them. They have a tough week 14 but 15 and 16 are quite nice. Maybe snag another D to play week 14 but I’d roll with them the rest of the way.

Same here Tom. Where in Europe you based? I’m in Manchester

I’ve always found this person’s analysis to be pretty helpful:

I am from Vienna/Austria…

Ravens are not available in my league…