Defense start Green Bay, Atlanta, NYG

I don’t normally ask defense questions on here, because they are boring to answer, but I am having a hard time getting comfortable with a defense this week. Currently I have Green Bay rostered as a hold over from last week. They play at Seattle on short week, which I don’t love. I am considering picking up Atlanta who is a home favorite. Dak has been playing better though which gives me hesitation. I could also pick up the bad Giants defense at home vs Tampa. There are only 8 defenses without a bye that are available on the wire in my 12 team league. Super annoying. Thanks for your thoughts.

Anything else at all available? I hate defenses on TNF, especially on the road. The other 2 games mentioned aren’t great either…

Other options are Tampa at NYG, Detroit vs Car, Seattle vs Green Bay, Oakland @ Arizona, Dallas @ Atlanta, and KC @ the Rams. So not really anything else. Super annoying defense hoarding.

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Dallas seems most appealing on paper, IDK what that’s worth…

I might take a flier on Atlanta playing at home and hoping for a poor day from Prescott. Or perhaps Tampa getting a few sacks/TOs on Manning? Or if Slay plays Detroit at home could be something…? Lol

None of these are ideal options though.

Interesting, what things on paper would you like? They are road underdogs, going against a top 10 offense, and Sean Lee is still out. Would love to hear your thoughts, cuz I am ready to think outside the box, but they weren’t really on my radar.

Yeah certainly not ideal. Atl is where I am thinking but just not excited about it with Cowboys conservative game plan. Tampa has been so insanely bad, and Manning actually hasn’t been horrible lately but perhaps. Detroit is def no go for me. They have been bad and Carolina is a top 5 offense. What are your thoughts on Giants defnese. They haven’t been great, but Fitzpatrick is almost a lock for a turnover?

The Giants defense has not been that good, plus TB has been a pretty efficient offensive team for the most part, even with turnovers. I think at this point you’re rolling the dice and hoping for a fluky TO score or something?

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Yeah, true. Unfortunately I feel like that about all my options. haha

I feel your pain; I snagged San Diego’s DST on their bye for the next couple weeks, and think I need to do the same with the Titans to ensure a good matchup in the coming weeks. I hate rostering 2 QB’s but in our 12 team league there were only about 10 QB’s on WW at any given time. Horrible for streaming…

Yeah, I mean you have to play to your league. Unfortunately for me, I can’t afford to drop a skill player right now. I appreciate the thoughts. Goodluck with quarterbacks!

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Good luck to you too! Maybe ATL DST at home won’t be terrible! They’ll get points on offense, and maybe Dak will create turnovers too.

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I was gonna say ATL and hope Prescott has a high turnover low efficiency day


He can put up some stinkers Dak can…

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That he can and if ATL gets up early and he’s forced to throw a lot it can get ugly. He could easily end with less then 250 passing yards and 2 turnovers and that’s what you’re hoping here