Defense Strategy based on players in HtH

Someone on the podcast mentioned they don’t like playing defense against their players

Could someone break down the stats behind this or point me at an article that does.

Also, does the counter of this work by playing a defense against your HtH matchup?


I feel like I can’t be the only person interested in this instead of the flood of “this or that” on here.


I don’t like doing it unless I absolutely have to because if your WR or RB or whatever scores a td then its automatically going to drop your defense points. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot. I guess theoretically you could still have a good ‘fantasy day’ without getting a td and your defense could still get a pick six or kick return and have a nice day in spite of that, but it’s just one more way of leaving nothing to chance.

On rare instances I have done something similar as a ‘blocking measure’ where if say your opponent has AB then it might make me lean more to starting Big Ben because if AB goes off Ben will counter act a good bit of that.