Defense Strategy - Home Leagues

Had a draft in a office pool - 14 team league (half ppr, half point for first down).

As expected, Defenses went early and often (a big run in the 8th) and I continued picking up what I considered good upside values like Justin Jackson and other depth pieces for RB’s and WR’s.

Unfortunately, I waited a bit too long perhaps and ended up not taking a defense (or a kicker) to wait until the season starts. As sometimes happens in these leagues, many managers took multiple defenses (one person took 3!?!?!) and now the waiver wire pickings are pretty slim. Long term, I think I can string together some streaming options as people drop them, but this could be problematic, especially for week 1.

The best defenses on waivers are the Titans, Panthers, Falcons, Grene Bay, NYJ, Cardinals and Lions. None of these seem like great streaming options.

Any advice for how to handle this situation? I would trade a RB for a defense, but many managers that took them in the 8-10th round want a really good player for a relatively un-valuable defense?

Definitely don’t trade a skill position for a Defense.

The difference in a bad stream option vs a normal performance from a drafted defense is going to be 3-4 points, it’d be really unfortunate if you lost a week by that type of margin. My choice would be Green Bay or Jets based on week 1 schedule. People will quickly be dropping Ds as the weeks continue, just stream away for now and be confident that you made the right choice to not fall into the run trap during the draft. Your depth is going to be much more valuable in the end.



I’d pick up GB personally


Same thing happened to me last year in a 12 team league with deep benches. It definitely can be annoying some weeks but once players start getting hurt you’ll be glad you have the depth.
I was actually thinking about dropping the MIN for the NYJ myself. I dont see that being a high scoring game and I wouldnt be surprised if Allen threw an interception or two. Def can be so hard to predict sometimes, my main goal is to find one that wont go negative.


I’d take Green Bay and look for when others inevitably get dropped.

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I always stream defenses. Sure the 3 int 2 td 5 sack games are nice. But they are rare and impossible to predict. Even if you are carrying 2 d’s and have the one that goes off you have a 50% chance it’s on your bench. I always just pick up the team I am fairly certain will get me between 8-10 points.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice.

I feel like this is the best direction. Ultimately I’m going to need to drop at least 1 player (I can likely move AJ Green to IR).

Thinking Hollywood Brown over Justin Jackson or Malcolm Brown just to see how it plays out. Happy drafting!