Defense Stream

Currently have Minnesota…4-0 and facing the other 4-0 owner. Need every point I can get. Current defenses available -
Cinn vs Mia
New Orleans vs Wash
NYJ vs Den
Cleveland vs Balt
Arizona vs San Fran

I don’t want to drop Minn as I feel they will get it together soon. Only have 1 bench spot available if I drop Brate. Current bench - Drake, Murray, Foreman, Kerryon and Brate. I have Rudolph as my starter

Need input

your guess is as good as mine, or anyone’s, with those options tbh. i’m tempted to say Jets, but i hate betting that the jets will ever do anything favorable…rolling with MIN wouldn’t be a terrible thing to do. Arizona seems to be improving defensively but i wouldn’t put my faith in that team either if it was me.

i think i’d probably roll the dice and drop brate to pick up the Jets.

Cleveland’s D is pretty good also, but I don’t like the matchup vs. Baltimore.

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When streaming DST:

  1. Favored to win
  2. At home
  3. Low scoring game

From this list, the only one I think that fits the bill is Bengals DST. They also just got Burfict back.
I had a hard time picking between Bengals or Texans DST this week but ultimately went with Texans.

Unless that is an IR spot, I would drop Foreman. He wasn’t that great before and now coming back from an Achilles injury, his cutting/ stopping on a dime abilities speed will have decreased making him even less impactful.