Defense streamer: Cowboys or Jets

I really like Dallas, but is there any reason I should believe in the Jets.

Their defense seems banged up and Indy can score points.

Thanks in advance

I’m a Jets fan, I wouldn’t play the Jets this week. You could do worse, Luck(I’m starting him) does turnover the ball alot so they should have a nice opportunity to get a few points. However, the entire Jets secondary except Adams and Claiborne are injured basically. Adams makes some nice plays but hasn’t been consistent week to week yet. Claiborne is pretty good but the Colts aren’t going to have a huge game from the receivers they have right now anyway.

I’m actually using the Colts D this week, they’re banged up too but they have players coming back. Keep in mind the Colts have had a long week off to prepare for this game. I made the mistake of playing the Broncos last week against the Jets when they had a short week on the road. Colts are on the road too but are getting healthier and had time to prepare.

Luck has been doing his thing with lighting up defenses in the second half. I wouldn’t start almost any defense against him just because of the potential for a huge game. Dallas would be my pick, not the best matchup there either. I’ve been stashing defenses in advance this year because its been so hard to find weekly streamers. I have the Colts now, they play Buffalo next week, and then I have the Pats playing the Bills the week after that.

This response was longer than I planned, lol. Hope it helps.

I am late on this reply, but thanks for the input!

I don’t mind at all that it was long.

Sorry @porterre I’m not gonna be much help here, cuz I, as well, wouldn’t know what to do between the two. Just wanted to comment to add…sometimes the longer posts help a little @nfalcon1!!!