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Pick up Denver for tonight or stay with my regular the Bears?

Stick with the bears.

Stick to the bears

Man, if I saw the Bears D on waiver I would hit that claim button so fast.

I have the bears but was feeling kinda iffy about starting them vs NE this week

lmao I should have went Denver…

I wouldn’t play a DST vs high powered offenses. It’s why not many want to play Ravens DST this week.
I have Denver DST in 1 league, but then im facing it in 2 other leagues. Idk how to react when the Broncos do good on DST lol. I could’ve had them in all my leagues but didn’t have that much trust in them.

Had Dever most of the season. Didn’t use them last week so I dropped them. Had the choice to pick them back up or the Cardinals. Looking like I made the wrong choice so far.

Hope ya went Denver. Definitely would not have expected THIS garbage fire.
But wow.