Defense streaming for this week

Traded away my D in a dynasty league this week. My second D is on bye (Bucs). Slim pickings on waivers - who would you choose out of:


I’m thinking the giants for potential interceptions but it’s a truly disgusting landscape. What do you think?

Omg lol but I think I would actually go with cardinals in this case. There’s going to be a lot of air yards in this game, and Kyler Murray has been great. I’d bet the cardinals get more interceptions and sacks on daniel jones.

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I would use the Cardinals for week 7.

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I’d stream the cardinals here as well primarily due to the fact it will be a shoot out of two rookies that will likely lead to interceptions

Thanks both. I’m almost tempted to leave the position blank in case I get a negative score from one of those disastrous Ds, but where’s the fun in that?!

Think I’ll go with the Cards

Is there a case for the bengals vs Minshew? I suppose they’ll get torched by Fournette actually

Bengals may be bad but Minishew is consistent and I wouldn’t want to risk against him and his points

Not to thread hijack, but if SEA was thrown into the mix, would you consider them over the other choices?

Easily playing SEA over the previously mentioned options.