Defense trade lol

Someone offered me dolphins dst for my patriots dst. I really wanted dolphins before but nooooow I’m a little iffy. I know you’re all gonna say dolphins but someone talk me out of it

Surely there’s a better option than either on the waiver wire?

Browns colts cowboys eagles vikings buccaneers.

I think miami and dolphins are the top streaming options this week

Eagles are way, way better.

Edit: way better defense and I actually think the matchup is better too.

That’s a tough one. Yeah Mia seems to be the bigger pull this week, but…wow…IDK…Hou is a pretty juicy temptation. I think I’d have to hold on to NE if you’ve got them this week.

This week I estimated the pats doing a bit better than the dolphins, and probably, in the long run, either way, you should be able to use that waiver wire to your advantage every week.

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Look at the rate the Giants are allowing sacks, and then look at the Eagles pass rush…

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Yeah DFWB…have to agree that Philly would be better choice than Mia. Still think NE has a great chance with Hou. BUT…LOL…2 weeks in and 500 injuries already. So…LOL…who knows at this point.

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I think the giants flat out suck but I think there is no way Eli flops 3 weeks in a row. I’ll keep the eagles in mind, as of now I declined the miami trade and I’m keeping NE. But as we get closer to Sunday I’ll do some thinking. Defense has been HUGE for me weeks 1 and 2 (rams and buccs).

It’s not that Eli is flopping, it’s that he getting murdered behind literally the worst offensive line I’ve ever seen.

Yeah louisegedoulis, I know that feeling for sure!!! PIT DEF was my top scorer week 1. I know a lot say “DON’T DEPEND ON YOUR DEF”…but with OFF players dropping left and right just two weeks in…LOL…ANYTHING that gets you big points could make or break your week/season.