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Defense wins championship!


Ive been rolling with the stout Baltimore d/st. They have been great but they have a tough matchup on the road in Pittsburgh. My question is…

Baltimore D/ST @ Pittsburgh
Cincinnati D/ST vs Chicago


I’m sure either would be an okay play. Personally I think Big Ben and AB will put up points at home, they done it without JuJu before, and the connect has been looking real as of late. Also Trubisky isn’t a real QB, so I’d go Cincinnati personally


I agree… just cincy doesn’t really force many turnovers, and im looking for more than just 6 points from a D/ST. lol


personally i would not trust Cinci

I have the ravens and love them…

they seem to have a floor of about what 8-9 in 1/2 ppr…can you live with that???

I advised my friend in our league, who is not playing me to check out if Tyrod Taylor plays and then pick up the colts…but that is risk and he needs a risky play.

DST very hard to predict


You don’t have to trust Cincinnati being quality. All you have to trust is that Trubisky will have some turnovers. But that’s just my advice, I’ve stuck with the Ravens in one league for every week except this one where I was able to pick up the Pats. But I also have Big Ben + AB stack, so maybe that’s why I’m finally down on the Ravens


Everything I’m seeing is to either play GB vs CLE or PATS vs MIA


I’ve got both and starting GB this week!!!


OK…sorry…that didn’t come out right. I’ve also seen that Cincy and Buf are also good starts this week!!!