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Defenses and kickers? Do you like them or not?


Most all leagues have def and kicker as a requirement as a starting position… What are your takes on this.

  1. Do you think these need to always be included?
  2. Do you wish you could remove those positions and only play players?

Really just curious on what people’s thoughts are.

All my leagues I’m in have both positions but I would be interested in maybe having a league where both were not included… I’ve actually been on the good side more than the bad but I feel kinda bad when my D scores 21 points and its my highest scoring “player on my team” I love winning but feel like it’s kinda a cheap way to win and very fluky… Now yes there is some strategy in finding D’s that are going up against weak offences or bad QBs. But come on… It’s a position that basically everyone streams outside of like maybe 2-3 defenses.

Now I know there is IDP and stuff like that… But I’m not even interested in that… Just interested in QB, RB, WR, TE AND flex position… I feel like it would be a better test of good owners…
But as I said before I’m not complaining when I win because I picked a Def and kicker that scored me 20points a piece but comeon.

So just wanna know if you think it’s a necessiary part of fantasy or something you would like to see removed.


Considering a kicker made 30 points today, they should be in the game