Defenses do score points tho

In a recent episode someone asked a question about taking a defense earlier than next to last pick because top defenses score as much as top WRs and the ballers were confused and said his format must be messed up… but last year the Jags defense at one point in the season would’ve been a top 20 overall player with their point total iirc lol. So the question remains… what’s the earliest you’d take a defense? Personally I’m still waiting until next to last… If a stud defense is there in 13 and my fliers are either taken or lookin like they’re going undrafted then I’d consider it there… I just wanted to bring up the point that a top Defense does actually score real points week in and week out and the ballers made it seem like that’s never the case. I won’t argue that your chances of hitting on the jags of last year are extremely low and you’re better off just streaming.

I am still going to stream a defense. Like I think the Ballers mentioned before, there hasn’t been a repeat number 1 defense in at least a decade so predicting where they finish or points per week is essentially a crapshoot. I’d rather roll the dice with a flier on someone than take any defense.

Yeah that’s where I’m at too… It’s just the projecting defenses accurately before the draft that seems impossible… I just wanted to clarify that the Jags D last year certainly did score a lot of points and was probably worth a mid round pick had you been able to predict that lol. The guy that won one of my leagues is a jags fan and did take them in like round 7 which was hillarious to all of us at the time lol… his draft went something like: DJ, Gurley, D.Adams, T.Hill, Brees, Ertz, Jags D, etc… imagine that team had DJ not gotten hurt lmfao.

And they weren’t the first defense taken. That’s kind of the point. There’s a ton of turnover year to year of the top fantasy Ds.

there are 1-3 stud defenses.
but it changes year to year.
like seatle was suppose to be good last year and were crap

so no gurantees taking jags.

however, I would bet NewOrl is pretty good this year,

my league also a dst can win you the week and outscore an average week for a RB…

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I have to agree @anton_rock. So many times the past few years in my 10 team, full PPR, there have been a lot of times that the DST would end up scoring more pts than most, if not all, of the rest of the roster that week, and LOL, would end up winning you that week by a mere few points.

I know that many swear that the DST is not to be your deciding factor in your draft, and I have to agree 100%. It is DEFINITELY smart to leave it to your later round picks.

But…LOL…(and I’m sure I’ll get plenty of flack from this)…but…I have personally found more success in NOT waiting until round 15 or 16 to grab my choice DST, but rather maybe the 13 or 14 round. In the 15/ 16 round EVERYBODY is going to be going DST/K. That’s when you’ll already have yours and you can snag up the possible BEST late round sleepers/ fliers/handcuffs etc.

(At this point you’re pretty much probably already gonna have your starting week roster already lined up. So…hey…you’re GOOD!!! BUT…just wanted to toss in a different thought concept than what most will probably lean towards.)

OK…that’s just my take. And ….LOL…NO…I’ve not won a CHAMPIONSHIP YET…but I’ve made the P/O’s most years and come close to the SB more years than not.

Soooo…take from all this what you will. Best of luck my friend!!!

I mean I’m not saying I’d take a D early lol… I’m just trying to get the point across that it’s somewhat ignorant to say the best D just plain isn’t worth an early double digit round pick… the problem is predicting the best D… and in both of my home leagues you have the guys who take a D in like round 8/9 because they simply dont do enough research to know any of the players left on the board lol.

I see what you’re saying. I think if you got your starters already and wanna take the best. Go for it, they are legit and little has changed with them