Defenses for playoffs: Week 14 thru 16

So, I’m brand new here so I’m unaccustomed to this format so bare with me.
I’m trying to place my defenses for the playoffs. First of all, I have the Bears and the Lions.
Bears sched: wk14: rams, wk15: packers, wk 16: 49ers.
Lions sched: wk14: cardinals, wk15: bills, wk16: vikings.
It seems pretty cut and dry, Lions wk 14 & 15, and then Bears for the champs. However because of their history, I’m nervous about the lions on 14 & 15. They seem like slam dunks but in fantasy there are no guarantees (esp with defenses), am I right to be nervous or am I just getting playoff jitters?

Just want to say…FIRST…WELCOME MY FRIEND!!! You’ve got a great one with CHI.

And…personally, (tho I’m prob in the minority here), I think DET is a DEF DST.

Of course there are tons of others here that are far better than I to give advice!!!

Reckon I just wanted to be one of the first to “welcome” you and acknowledge your comment.

Please don’t get frustrated if you don’t get any response at this time of night. Many may have shut down for the night, just as I’m fixin’ to.


Hope to run across you again soon!!! :hugs:

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depends what defenses are avalible on your waivers?
Do you have playoff spot on lock.
I dropped bears (may have been mistake haha) to add broncos titans and patriots to poach from other teams i am playing. I have playoff and bye locked so time to atack other teams before they even look at D in playoffs.

jags all have some decen playoff matchups i would check those and see how they line up with what you need

@rookgb great way to ask a question. Well stated!! As I am in a smilies situation. Like @llc said welcome man this place is awesome for reading other post to writing your own. @grizzwald39 I have Denver, pats. Reading how you have Titans as well makes me want to pick them up. What do you think about the colts dst?

@grizzwald39 can write down the order you plan on using your 3 DST? Thanks man!

Broncos are all you should need.

Out of the ones that you have the Bears have been solid most of the year and have good match ups 2/3 weeks.

broncos should be all you need but better to be prepared
titans 13 14
pats 14 16
broncos 13 15 16
later weeks depend on what week looks like.
by doing this you give yourself options and more important take away easy adds from opponents for cheap to nothing. attack them before you play them.

I’ve got the Titans and Broncos stashed. I have the Jags but dropping them after this last weeks total failure vs the Bills - they can’t be trusted anymore in my view in plus matchups.

Titans for week 13, 14 and 15 then Broncos week 16. I can swap these around if needed and depending on how they look week to week. Also if one or the other falls off or out of the playoff race I may give the edge to a ‘contenders’ DST on the assumption that they should be playing harder as they have something on the line.

The Patriots if available are a good stash too if available but as mentioned you will need an option week 15 though as they have the Steelers that week.