Defenses for Week 15 & 16

Currently have a first round bye and looking to make sure I’m set on Defense for week 15 & 16.

I currently have the Vikings and Pats (stashed a few weeks ago for BUF match up wk 16)

MIN is playing Miami at home week 15 and I’m somewhat concerned with Tannehill back and his TD:INT ratio at 5:1

I’m less concerned about week 16 having the Pats but Josh Allen returning and throwing decently is somewhat a concern.

Available defenses right now for wk 15 are:
Jags vs WAS
Lions vs BUF
Browns vs CIN
Ravens vs TB

Do you think it is worth dropping Vikes to grab one of these and holding onto the Pats for wk 16?

Any advice is appreciated

Sorry Browns vs CIN is week 16

Jags vs Washington should be solid

Personally I wouldn’t worry about the Vikings against Miami but the only one I would swap for would be Jags vs WAS. More for the potential ceiling, both are solid options but given the state of the Washington QB room a defensive score, 3/4 sacks and a couple of turnovers with less than 10-15 points conceded is a very real upside for the Jags if they want to end on a high at home this year.

The jags proved their defense can still have some elite upside, shutting out the Colts. With Mark Sanchez calling the plays over in Washington, the jags are a good bet against Washington. I see that being a very defensive and low scoring game, since the jags also don’t have the best offensive upside either.

Jags defense week 15, and Pats defense week 16 looks like the best bet to me. Pats generally play well at home, especially late in the season, and the Bills just cut 2 of their offensive starters (Benjamin & Holmes).

I’m also debating NE vs BUF or CLE vs CIN for week 16

I’m leaning NE