Defenses to target

What defenses have you guys found yourselves drafting? Looking for late round or undrafted with a good opening schedule

Don’t draft defenses. Draft players.

So your suggestion is to leave the roster spot empty? That seems silly

Tennessee - Mia,Hou,Jax,Phi,Buf,Bal theres a couple games in there that aren’t too bad.
Greenbay - Chi,Min,Was,Buf,Det,SF maybe a couple there too
Detroit - NYJ,SF,NE,Dal,GB,bye,Mia maybe not the NE and GB games but others are workable

If you have to draft one to fill the roster I like the Saints, Ravens, Steelers to get late. If you can grab a flyer player instead though just until game day to see what you have do that. Not all playforms allow though.

If I’m drafting a few days before the season though I’d just get my D sorted in the draft. But two weeks out I’d rather have players incase of injury, cuts, sudden breakouts etc could get a potential starter or trade chip that would have been on waivers otherwise

Yeah, have to draft one

It’s actually not silly. If I am drafting before the first game of the regular season, I never draft K or D. Logic is as follows. Injuries happen all the time. We are week 2 of pre-season and the injury bug has struck a tonne of players. Guice gone for season, Michel return date TBD, Penny TBD.

So in those late rounds, instead of picking some D or K, I take guys like Chase Edmonds, John Kelly, James Conner. Guys who I think can step into 3 down bac duties if the top guy goes down.

Imagine if you were the guy that drafted a defense over Kareem hunt last year. I would puke.

I dont have that option in my leauge, have to draft one

Curious why you think steelers is a good option for D? I feel like they are still living off their name and dick lebeau from years ago. Steelers D have been basically for last couple years and were slightly above average for 2015.

2017: 28th
2016: 21st
2015: 12th

I like Chargers if you have to draft one. You can probably get it for super cheap without reaching on one of those super costly ones like Jax or rams.

If you are streaming or looking for a D super late they’re not the worst option open with Browns, KC and Bucs. They’re not a target for me but if I can’t get the Chargers or the Saints late, in terms of schedule they’re worth a shot. Even the worst D in the right matchup can get you a useable week in fantasy.

Depends on knowing your league, I mean people might leave the Saints until the last couple of rounds in which case great but those D’s with hype and name will be gone, Steelers are my last call.

Fantasy finishes are average but I’m bases it more on their potent offense that will score on those first three teams. Which will force them to chase the game, which leads to more chances at turnovers or big plays that’s my logic. But they are purely one of my last options for the first three weeks, I’d rather end up with the Saints or Chargers which is pretty doable

The Steelers play the browns week 1, which makes them a startable option for week 1, which makes them as viable a draft pick as any defense

That makes more sense. I haven’t looked at schedules yet. I honestly don’t really consider schedules at all when I draft but none of my leagues have DST or K.

KC could be a scary one cause I think steelers secondary is still pretty awful but having Bucs after that is extremely juicy. I probably have some recency bias cause I’ve been burned by steelers D a few times and I watch all their games over the past couple years and it’s one of the main reasons why that team has drastically under performed its talent level.

Select the D that is playing the projected worse team in the NFL week 1. From there, just keep streaming whoever is playing the worse team or the worse team available. Eventually you will lock on to one that is steady or even great like the Jags last year that almost nobody cared about.