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Hallo Fellow Ballers,

First, I have a confession to make. I am in too many FFB leagues. The COVID situation only threw gas on the FFB Fire within me.

To make matters worse, I’ve started playing a new game. Honestly, I’d never heard of it before COVID. It’s called a Devy (developmental) league.

For those not familiar with the concept, a devy league is a dynasty league. But after drafting vets and rookies, you have a college player draft.

The players you draft are on your team (put on the taxi squad) and if/when they make it to the league, they are on your team. College players can only be drafted at the devy draft. No college waivers during the year. You can pick anyone regardless of age or year. (You could pick a high school guy if you wanted to.)

I’ve done a few devies post COVID, and they are fun. Especially when the group is fun. And, let’s face it, Ballers are the most fun group there is. So I’d like to Start a Ballers Only Devy League.

My thought for the league settings are 10 teams (but would change to 12 if unanimous vote). Roster: QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 2

flex, 1 SuperFlex.

I think we should have a little money on the line. I’m thinking $25 per year. Two years up front. LeagueSafe. Scoring - 1 ppr, with and extra .5 for TEs. 6 point passing TDs. No kicker. No DST. Bonuses for over 40 yard plays and TDS.

We’d do it on Sleeper.

My thought is that the rookie draft should be 4 or 5 rounds (snake) and the devy draft should be 6 rounds. (Linear)

We would decide draft order in a “derby” fashion.

I want to get started as soon as we are full.

Because there are 3 drafts and most people have real lives to live, and bc folks like time to trade picks, we have to do some sort of slow draft concept. But Ive come to dislike 8 hour slow drafts.

So, I’d like the group to be creative about it so that the drafts go more efficiently. I’ve thought about the concept of the group agreeing on blocks of time to do “faster” drafts. During the fast window, picks would be perhaps 30 minutes. In between fast windows, the clock would be set to 8 hours. I’m just thinking out loud on this, BTW. Whatever we did would be decided by league vote.

Please give me your email address if you’re interested. Thanks!

Gronky Kong aka Mike Wright’s Beard

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