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DeMarco being offered to me


10team 0.5 PPR

I’m being offered DeMarco Murray and Jarvis Landry for my CJA.

Current team:
RB: Zeke, TyMont, CJA, Gillislee, Martin
WR: Mike Thomas, Diggs, Tyrell Williams, Corey Davis, Kupp

I think it’s a no-brainer until you consider I can keep CJA for a 13th rounder next season

Should I pull the trigger?


i still do it. CJA has injury history, and getting landry in the deal is too sweet. plus, its not like you will be starving for RBs if demarco has to sit a week or 2. getting that depth at both positions is well worth the potenital wait.


Yeah I do this too. You have the depth to afford it and I only see this helping you out. I’d pull the trigger on this.