DeMarco for...?

PPR league.

I’m in a situation where I have:

and Elliott

as my RB crew. I’m wanting to get rid of Murray over everyone else because of name value and he had a good week last week so I feel like I can move him. My target is a WR (I have Fitz, D Jax, Fuller, and Green). I’m thinking Shepard. Thoughts? The owner of Shepard hasn’t given him up post injury and bye. I think he’s going to blow up this second half and I like his playoff schedule.

Demarco’s hammy is tweaked so it’s hard to trade an injured player but Sterling is also banged up so I would think the other owner should be open to the trade.

I think you can get more than Shepard for Demarco.

Even though Shepard is now the number one, that OL in NY is garbage. I consider Giants previous win as an outlier.