DeMarco for?

PPR league.

I’m in a situation where I have:

and Elliott

as my RB crew. I’m wanting to get rid of Murray over everyone else because of name value and he had a good week last week so I feel like I can move him. My target is a WR (I have Fitz, D Jax, Fuller, and Green). I’m thinking Shepard. Thoughts? The owner of Shepard hasn’t given him up post injury and bye. I think he’s going to blow up this second half and I like his playoff schedule.

lets see your team and whats the format Flex?

PPR League.

AJ Green
Larry Fitz
K Hunt
E Elliott
A Kamara
D Bailey

D Jax
W Fuller
J Mixon
D Murray
D Walker
A Morris (as a handcuff for Elliott)

you have a pretty solid squad maybe if you can get shepard for murray throw him in flex but i still think id keep murray great match up against clevland hed be in my flex if i was you

Normally I’d agree but his hammy issue is worrying me. I know he did well on it last week but the only time I played him was week one and he got 6 pts. I’ve benched him ever since. Also D Henry hovering in the background.
I wouldn’t play shep this week or next (since it’s his bye) I can survive my next two opponents. It’s that post bye matchup along with the Dallas and Phil matchup for the playoffs I want from him.

Thanks for the help. I’m gonna think on this a little more then instead of pushing the trade.