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Demarco & McCaffery for woodhead and Gordon


Friends. I am in a full point PPR. My RBs are…


I got a trade offer for Demarco Murray & McCaffery for Woodhead and Gordon.

Is something worth considering seeing as woodhead is already injured?


So am I reading this right? You are being offered Murray and McCaffery for you to give up Woodhead and Gordon? I would probably do this trade. I think it’s impossible to predict if Murray or Gordon will be the better of the two backs so in my opinion it’s a wash there. CMC is an upgrade over woodhead considering he is injured and all. The only thing that would change my mind about this trade would be if Gordon just goes absolutely nuts tonight and shows he will be the 100% workhorse for the team. Then I may reconsider.


You read it correctly. Being offered McCaffery and Demarco for my woodhead and Gordon


im down for this. i love gordon this year too, but murray is right there for me as well. even though he had a poor showing this weekend. and mccaffery is the new and improved woodhead anyway… and he is healthy. i like this trade. only thing im not in love with, is murrays health, and his split times with henry.


I would take that and run.