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Demarco murray for doug baldwin in dynasty


so i just made a trade for demarco murray. i gave up doug baldwin. they are both on a 3 year contract, for similar salaries. the question is, was this a bad choice? they are both 29 but its just proven that RBs hit a wall at 30, where WRs dont as much. it makes my team much more solid this year, but long term im worried im a bit weak. so my team is as follows for week to week potential starters:

QB: Kirk Cousins 4 years andy dalton 1 year
RB: Isaiah Crowell 2 years \ Demarco Murray 3 years \ Bilal Powell 1 year. (i also have Kareem Hunt and Samaje Perine on 4 year rookie contracts)
WR: AJ Green 3 year \ Julian Edelman 2 year \ Keenan Allen 2 year \ Golden Tate 3 year
TE: Kyle Rudolph 1 year \ Jesse james 1 year \ Jason Witten 1 year

so my team doesnt really have any weakness this year besides some solid depth, but its vulnerable at RB if neither one of my rookies pan out. i dont know i am just torn on this trade. what do you all think?


You look very good short for this year. You can always leverage future picks if the injury bug hits you this year, but unless you have a super team you are competing with, in a 12 team PPR league you should easily make playoffs


sorry i did forget to mention that, it is 12 team PPR which is why i went after murray. pretty much a lock for 50 receptions and 400 yards added onto his 1000 yards+ rushing. im just worried about after this year. although i did just remember i also have the most cap space for the next 4 years by a long shot.


It looks like a good trade for what you needed, you have lots of capital to make further trades and moves in the future if needed.


You do have an aging roster, but with the very young Crow and Murray this year you may be able to trade Powell for a young WR. This is of coarse hoping Powell doesn’t suffer from the Jets attempt at the record for largest dumpster fire in NFL history. Especially in a league that would allow a Baldwin for Murray trade, I would have asked for Green minimum.


Hey man that was a hell of a deal in my opinion. I’ll be walking throw the season any single day safer (specially first half of the season ha) with Mr. DeMarco than with Baldwin. I mean the guy is a Stud in the position, his ADP is way higher than Baldwin’s and your team clearly needs that RB that give some power to the roster once having AJ you have checked that box in the WRs department.

Now if one of that rookies get the job done you will have a very strong backfield, the dream of many of us. I just love that trade brother.


Maybe with some of that trade capital should think in get somehow Henry in the near future so the aging of Murray is not a problem at all too…


i thought about it, but the fool who drafted him spent 18 mil a year for the next three on him. i just cant afford him.

but thank you im starting to feel much better about it. all i have to do is avoid injuries and that age bug and i have a solid ass team for the next three years.