Demarco Murray help?!

Been counting on Demarco Murray all season to produce and not much so far. D. Henry just got dropped so should I pick him up and keep Murray or try and package Murray for a trade?

I would definately pick up henry and stash him for insurance. Its the safest move for sure

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Ya stash Henry. Don’t think you will get good enough value for Murray right now in a trade, and I wouldn’t trade him without having Henry first. Either Murray will be fine rest of a season, or, if hes not, henry will be a decent flex/RB3 with potential upside

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I have number one priority on waiver wire right now as well. Should I use it on Henry or hope he dosen’t get picked up?

Depending on your league size someone will grab henry hoping that demarco goes down and henry becomes an rb2 at least. I would use my waiver priority. Just my opinion