DeMarco Murry and Marshawn Lynch for Kareem Hunt?

This is a 12 Man Standard League

I have Devonta Freeman as my other RB. I just lost Davante Adams last night and want to sure up my RB. I have only WR 2’s and 3’s on my bench. Everyone in my league knows I am hurting at WR so they will only trade Devonta Freeman for a W1 plus someone or W2 option. I found another player that just lost Ty Montgomery and doesn’t have any RB backups he is willing to trade Kareem Hunt. Is this the right move?

I would do this yes in a heartbeat. Hunt is an elite RB1, and I’m worried about both Murray and Lynch and their roles going forward. You can piece it together at WR. Honestly with those two backs, you can absorb some WR deficiencies. I would just aim to get some high floor WRs if I had those two backs.

Yes, get him!

I don’t think it’s nearly that obvious. Saying that he’s for sure an elite RB1 is overstating the case quite a bit, in my opinion. I would probably do this simply because Hunt’s workload is safer because he doesn’t have anyone of note behind him.

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I disagree. I don’t think it’s a stretch at all to call him an elite RB1. You even said it, his workload is part of what makes him an elite RB, but that’s the case for every elite RB. Bell, DJ, Zeke all get crazy workload and have great talent. Likewise, Hunt gets crazy workload and has great talent, and is involved in the passing game like all these guys. I think a vast majority of people would consider Hunt a top 5 RB now, especially in PPR.

I don’t think he’s nearly as talented as the others you named. I’m not going to get into it again here because my opinion is well documented all over these forums. If you care to read it, you can search me. Carlos Hyde also gets a huge workload, but no one is rushing to call him an elite RB1. Gurley gets a huge workload, and I think a lot of people still question if he’s an RB1 at all (and based on what I’ve seen on film, he’s a better player). McCoy gets a huge workload, but I don’t know that he deserves to be called elite anymore (though that’s more situation than talent).

If it weren’t for Henry (and to a lesser extent, the fact that he’s dealt with injuries lately), I’d rather have Murray.

I don’t care to read it, but thanks. We’ll just agree to disagree

Fair enough