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DeMarco owner wanting Henry


Is it too much to give up my next year’s first round draft pick to get Derrick Henry?


Not at all, Derrick Henry will be worth way more than a 1st rounder once he takes over the backfield.


Yes it is too much. Henry won’t have that backfield until 2020. DeMarco isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Well I have DeMarco. The idea was to lock up that high upside backfield for years to come


here we go this is more like it. i can start disagreeing with you again!

in dynasty, having a handcuff can be pretty damn important. while i agree that i dont think demarco is going anywhere, you still want to hedge your bet on a team that is run heavy. there are also first round rookies that will come out and produce just as much as him for three years. you know what you are getting from henry and his role in that offense. you also know if / when murray is gone, its henrys gig. now i would say that if you can talk it down to a 2nd rounder, or even somethin weird like a 3rd and 4th, i would rather do that.


Hey I just said the price is too high. I wouldn’t give a first round pick for someone I won’t be able to play for that long assuming no injury.
On the other side of the coin, if there is an injury then you have zero step down form Murray to Henry.