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DeMarco Trade


Just got offered Demarco Murray keepable at $22 for Jarvis Landry at $12 and chris Carson for $1.

My RBs are fournette and Gurley and WRs are Julio, Fitz, and Cobb.

It seems too good to be true which is making me balk at the trade offer. Any thoughts are much appreciated.


This is the easiest deal ever. Take it before he changes his mind!


Haha I feel the same way and this guy is perennially s top player, so it seems too good to be true.

No concerns with Henry taking over the backfield?


Even if he does, you have nice WRs to make up for Landry and you get Carson as a nice plug in RB.


Sorry for the lack of clarity. I give Landry and Carson and get Murray


No thats my fault. You said it clear. Nonetheless, you still have two good RBs.


Appreciate you being a sounding board. Murray probably carries much more trade value too. Allows me to flip Gurley after week 3 or 4 as well since his schedule gets tougher