DeMarcus Robinson/Harrison Butker -- 11 pts or Under Tonight?

It looks like I’m about to lose to a team that I have no business losing to, a team that had to go with starting Nyheim Hines and Frank Gore at RB, thanks to Godwin, Julio, Dalvin and my entire team underperforming, save Dak and Waller. Despite all that, somehow I’m still up by a shade over 11 points, but my opponent still has Butker and DeMarcus Robinson tonight. As long as they don’t get over 11 points combined (full PPR), I win. I looked up their stats for the year and twice have they combined for under 11. What are the odds they make it 3 tonight?

sorry not very high but its not impossible

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I hope so, this would make 4 losses in a row and I was 6-1 at one point.

Robinson: 0 pts
Butker: 7 pts
Bullets dodged this season: 3
Losing streak: over

I actually was watching thinking man Robinson just staying off the stat sheet the whole time. Way to pull it out

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And with Hill out too, still only 1 target all night.