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Demaryius or Alshon in standard


Who are you taking?


Standard that’s going to be close. I’ll go Alshon, a little more boom potential, probably slightly better quaterbacking. DT is great, but he’s got more PPR value for me rather than standard.


With DT you have a higher floor with the chance at becoming a top 10 WR. With Alshon you have a much lower floor with a higher chance at becoming a top 10 WR.

Look at your team around these guys and see if you need more breakout potential or reliable points week to week.


I would agree check your or WR and see what you need more boom or more consistantcy


Alshon, I like the qb situation better.


I’m not a fan of either for the upcoming season. Alshon has been hurt a lot the last couple seasons. In fact, he has missed 11 games in the last two seasons combined (16 wk seasons for fantasy purposes). On the other hand, DT did not miss a single game in the same span and has managed to post 1000+ yds in back to back seasons with QBs not named Peyton Manning; yet he has failed to be in the top 10 (WR19 2016, WR13 2015).

DT’s ADP right now is about mid 3rd round and Alshon’s is around mid 4th (~WR13 and WR17 respectively, per consensus rankings). As @Guinness said, DT’s floor is much higher than Alshon’s but I believe neither of them have much breakout potential. With that in mind, I would take DT over Alshon without hesitating.

Nonetheless, I like Terrell Pryor’s and Keenan Allen’s upside better and would be targeting them in these early rounds. These players have lower ADPs than both Alshon and DT. Around DT’s ADP are players I would rather take like Isaiah Crowell, Marshawn Lynch and even Allen Robinson.

To sum it up, I would take DT over Alshon; but I would target other players in rounds 3 and 4.

I hope this helps out. :wink:


@Paul_the_Pulp brings up a solid point about options other than these two. I would group Allen in the DT and Jeffery when it comes to risk. He has had odd ball injuries, but he has had a lot of them.


Great resource for future injury risk.


I think i prefer Demaryius Thomas, although you should definitely make this decision with the rest of your team makeup in mind. He seems set up to become the primary weapon in Denver, and I think their offensive scheme is going to be designed to get him the ball quickly and often. Although Alshon Jeffrey likely has the better QB play [although Wentz still needs to prove it as much as Siemian and Lynch does], Thomas just has so many more years in the Broncos’ playbook and with his WR coach. If watching the NFL has taught me anything, it’s that experience is a huge factor


The thing about Keenan Allen is: if he can stay healthy he is a top 5 candidate… I don´t see DT and Alshon getting near that spot (at least not this season). If I were to draft Keenan in round 4 I would also be drafting Tyrel Williams approximately in round 10 to ensure the targets and yards in that offense given that Keenan misses some time. Williams has proven himself to be solid (he finished 13th in points in standard leagues last season).

I like this strategy better, what do you think about this?


Williams isn’t 100% as Keenan’s replacement for targets though. They could go to Henry, or Gates, or one of the other WRs, or even one of the RBs. Not saying it is the most likely, but it is possible.

Keenan is a guy I am staying away from because his floor is one catch for 10 yds then his leg catches on fire and he gets attacked by a rouge wolverine just as a swarm of Aficanized bees flies by. I am kidding, but his injuries aren’t a coincidence. The guy plays violent and his body pays the price.


I agree. Yet, there’s a lot of depth in WR so in case Keenan goes out you could have some other guys to repalce him.

Plus, RD 4? Come to daddy.