Demaryius Thomas on Waivers

Now the only reason I am asking is while he did score a good amount of points, he was a big time garbageman this week it felt. Should I pick him up or go for the stash with D’onta Foreman? I am pretty even on both WR and RB depth.

He’s not looked good, and yes he was full garbageman this week! I’d stash Foreman, you can always find a WR and if Foreman comes back and is fully recovered, explosive and becomes the workhorse you’ll be kicking yourself. You just don’t find RBs with that potential on the waiver very often without some major injury to a starter. Get Foreman and see, you can always drop him after a week or two for a WR upside guy

I’m debating dropping Coleman myself for Foreman this week for the stash. I’m loaded at RB, need some WR help but i can get by with a streamer and can trade if needed using my RB depth.

Yeah I was looking to trade Amari and one of Kerryon or Breida to upgrade at WR2. Then Amari was Amari and Breida and Kerryon got hurt.

i would never feel comfortable starting DT. especially with Keenum at the helm. leave him be and let him be a landmine on someone elses team. id much rather stash foreman. if he can somehow come back strong off that injury that backfield is his for the taking even with their offensive line being meh.

there are receivers you can pick up weeky for a start if youre in a pinch.