Demaryus Thomas meh

Should I stick with him or drop him for someone on the waivers?

No one in my league of 8 wants to trade

Who out there would be a worthy trade for him or who would you get off waivers in his place?

I’d hold onto him. He has a decent schedule and is a near guarantee for targets. You could maybe try to trade him and another piece for Julio Jones, or someone in the “buy low” category. But he wouldn’t be bad to keep either

I’d be shocked if there was anyone on the waivers worth nearly as much as DT.

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No one is going to want to trade for him this week because of the bye and in a league of 8 it might be more difficult because everyone should have pretty much stacked rosters…is it PPR or standard? What’s your record? Who are the top options available on waivers?

I’m in a standard league of 8 teams and my record is 3 wins and 1 loss.

Waiver had agholor, Matthews, amendola, Kelvin Benjamin, decker, docson, fuller,

I also have Prescott and Mariota and I’m thinking of getting Luck and using one of the others as a package deal, I just don’t know which one

I think you’re golden with Prescott. Luck worries me a lot. I also don’t think you need to roster 2 QBs in an 8 team league. As for DT, the only player I’d even consider would be KB, but I’d probably prefer DT.