Denouncing Keepers

Does any one have any tips on denouncing keepers. We’ve set a deadline for stating what keepers will be chosen. I see a strategy being to wait till the last minute to denounce your keeper to see what everyone else is going to do. I kinduf think that having a third party to send keepers to would be a good idea. How do you guys do it?

We have keepers set for 4 days earlier have to be announced.
People can send in earlier if they like and about a third of the league do as soon as they decide.
Neutral party would work as well. Is the deadline in good advance of the draft day so people can still mock for practice or is it just before draft time for a real advantage people are looking to gain in delaying announcing?

Our deadline is the day before the draft. I can picture a situation where you’re on the bubble of keeping a WR or RB and given if you knew what players are being kept in your league you would have an idea of what direction to go. I would prefer not giving my league mates that advantage. My deadline is 11:59 PM day before the draft. So I wonder if I should wait till 11:59 to submit my keepers. I thought about having everyone send their keepers to a wife of one of our league mates but there could be some suspicion of fair there as well.

Wonder if that might be a feature that the footclan/UDK or Sleeper could incorporate…
If that happened to me I would end up drafting a few dozen times between 11:59 and draft lol.