Denver D or Buffalo D?

I think chubb gonna run wild

I actually picked up Buffalo to play over Denver. Not because Denver can’t succeed in this matchup, but because the match for Buffalo feels like it has a higher upside.

Buffalo D for sure.

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Ok done!!!

Cam or Lamar?

@MikeMeUpp have a DST question, I have Denver and Tennessee do I drop one of them to pick up and play the Bills this week? It’s not likely either would get picked up, especially if I drop later in the week, if so which one?

Also week 16 given the state of the Redskins would the Titans be the better play in week 16 now? I like Denver vs OAK but they are on the road and depending on results this week could be out of it so play down as opposed to play up.

very interested in hearing this response… I have Denver and am debating picking up Rams but if Buffalo is the better play- then I’ll go for that.

BUT is it worth benching Broncos for another D? I get that Cleveland is a better offense and Chubb will most likely run and score on them but I have a feeling that Denver is gonna sack and be in Baker’s face for most of the game- and possibly get a pick 6.

I think that’s a fine drop although denver at home vs cle is a fine play this week. Agree for next week that DEN on the road at oakland isn’t a good play. Carr and oakland just happens to always play better at home. Also refs are rigged.

Thanks for the feedback as always man, might see how my Thursday night guys perform and se if I need a high upside play at DST and I may pivot to the Bills if I do or would you say ceiling still with Denver? I’ll hold the Titans for home vs Washington for sure

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I’d say they’re similar. Would just stick with Den at home tbh. They should get enough sacks on baker to no sink your week.