Denver D or one of these streamers?

The Denver D is looking human these days. What do we think of these options this week. They were already dropped once, could they be dropped again? This time by me? They got the Chargers this week, then the Chiefs, Eagles and Pats coming up. I made a 7 dollar FAAB bid to try and buy a win (they were playing the Giants) and that failed :frowning:

Other options:

Titans vs CLE
Dolphins vs NYJ
Steelers vs CIN
Saints vs GB (Its a trap!)
NYG vs Seattle

Oh, Eagles @ Washington as well

I’m of the full stream D mindset in general and while the Denver D will probably be fine this week I’m not a huge fan against KC or Phi…and that titans Cleveland matchup is JUICY with kizer back in there…is there ANY chance of someone trading for a D in your league for a deep bench player just to get something back?

Maybe… but I’ve never seen a defense traded in my league and I doubt I could get anything done with Denver not putting up good fantasy numbers this season…

I’m in the same boat. I have the Denver D, but someone dropped the Lions D for their bye week.

I was thinking of riding out this week against the Chargers and then plugging in the Lions for the next 3.

Week 8 vs. Pit (risky but I’d probably still take over KC)
Week 9 @ GB (Possibly a very good matchup depending on Hundley)
Week 10 vs. CLE (Love it!)

Week 11 on, Denver looks pretty solid.