Depth or talent?

Right now I have a lot of good depth at rb, but I’ve been offered a trade: mixon, breida, diggs, and emmanual sanders for Leveon bell and aj green. Bell does have a good upcoming schedule, but it would take away a lot of my depth. Wanna know what you guys think.

My rbs: kamara, mixon, michel, breida, aaron jones
My wrs: obj, kupp, godwin

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my god you have a lot of RBs that are quality. I think he is asking way too much, and I am a huge Bell fan ROS. not that any of what you are giving up will kill you, but asking 4 players for 1 is tough. Who else does he have? flipping Breida and Mixon into Bell is awesome though. and with Kamara Bell and Jones you should be in a prime position to make a playoff run

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The headline is intriguing. And this is kind of interesting. Going by trends, statistics, rumors, injuries etc., it seems like you’re unloading alot a guys trending down, and receiving a couple (perceived) studs trending up. Bell being one of those obviously. Personally I’m not a Bell fan but I accept my minority status and will adhere to status quo for objectivity.
I love AJ Green! His entire college career. Got him as a rookie in 3 leagues with Julio. Killed it.
And if Bell does come to fruition I’d say you’d be in amazing shape for the stretch

he is also offering me aj green in the package. don’t know if you caught that. Does that change your mind at all? I really have no idea when he might be back

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I dont think anyone knows about Green. And cant imagine him being very motivated to come back mid season and play for this team being as bad as they are. So that doesnt do too much for me. I like the trade I just think you lose all depth at WR. But depth can be replaced. I would try to work him a little

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but having Bell Kamara and Jones with Kupp can win you the league.

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Lol, of course I caught that. I know AJ still healing. But we’re talking about trending. You’re gaining potential in this trade, not capitol. The payoff isn’t right now. If you can weather the storm with some fancy footwork and it does go in your favor, it’s solid.
But again, this is theory vs depth. With you leaning theory

Might send him a trade back without either one of diggs or sanders. Might be a little better.

@mFedj I think it’s motivation to come back and kill it… relatively speaking. It is the Bengals. AJ is a stud, when healthy obviously. What better way to get more offers to get away from there than to come back strong and make the Bengals maybe not seem like the Bengals.
Reminds me of Corey Dillon in a way. AJ could be useful in NE. I mean, maybe. I guess. pfff😅

They say they are not trading Green but teams have done that before. He could totally be traded.

Even when Green and Boyd were on the field Boyd was getting better numbers a lot of times. And who knows when he returns. It could be several more weeks. Report today is saying he still lolly gagging in practice. Not ready.

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Yeah. Every week is a job interview in some way. I am surprised to hear about what sounds like a poor work ethic from AJ though