Depth piece for ROS

14-team, half PPR
Picked up Trey Lance as my final pick. I have Kyler and dont like to roster 2 QB let alone one that isn’t starting. Waivers are thin but looking to pick up some depth at RB. Currently have Zeke, Mixon and Henderson with Pollard and Carter on my bench. D. Johnson and Gainwell are still on waivers. Pick up one to replace Trey or both and drop Carter as well?

A POS for ROS, eh…?

I probly wouldn’t pick either of them up if there’s a viable WR you could drop Lance for–but I do agree with dropping Lance–so if it’s a RB or nothing, I’d take Gainwell of the two POS’s you mentioned.

LOL, exactly. Definitely a trash pile for waivers. I’m inclined to pick up Gainwell as he seemed to be used in the passing game.